Maggie Moor, a Modern Day Siren

Maggie Moor, a Modern Day Siren

Tell us about yourself and your music

Hello, I’m Maggie Moor, siren and writer of jazz-rock love songs. My style is a torch singer-songwriter, intimate, poetic, strength. I write all of my songs and lyrics from personal experiences, often fragmented and cinematic in phrasing, words, and delivery. My recordings often feature Grammy artists such as David Sanborn, Kenny Rampton, Rob Paparozzi, Richie Cannata, Eddie Ojeda, and Buddy Williams.

Talk to us more about your latest release

My most recent EP is my first electronic production, titled “Sweet (feat. Eddie Ojeda).” I teamed with a young beats whiz named Aaron Monroe (Mister Lab) who is a protege of Missy Elliot, writing lyrics and melodies to the tracks he created based on my acoustic guitar leads. Before that, I created two EP’s with Steve Boyer (Eric Clapton) and Marty Dunayer, titled “Red Devil Trickery (feat Kenny Rampton)” and “I Love You (feat. Richie Cannata).” I have a single titled “Muggy Sunday Afternoon (feat. David Sanborn).” These EP’s and singles are my notes Jazz Siren sound, all songs written by me on guitar and arranged by Dunayer.

What inspired you to write this release?

I love to sing from my heart, soul, almost like I am reading for you from my journal. Most of my songs began as a poem or fragments of images, scenes in my mind, and as I heard them in my head as a full song, I wrote chord progressions on guitar. My inspiration comes from a desire to speak my soul to others, to surround their senses, and touch their hearts with personal songs. My songs are an expression of myself, emotions, things I am going through, or fantasize about. My desire to record and perform them is hard to place, it’s more a calling and a need to express and perform, than anything else. If I didn’t write and sing I would be very sad and feel empty, so I guess I am inspired by a wish to live, love, and touch others.

Describe the writing and recording process

I begin creating the song on the guitar. At first, it was my older sisters Ibanez, which I borrowed from her as long as she would allow me to. When she wanted it back, I had written my first EP, “Red Devil Trickery.” I brought the tracks to Marty Dunayer and Steve Boyer, as we were introduced through a mutual friend, Jay Weiss. Dunayer arranged the songs and produced, gathering a great team of artists to play in my band and solo on the tracks. Steve Boyer mixed the songs at Avatar Studios and there I had my first EP. My second EP “I Love You” I wrote on a Martin Acoustic and then a similar process with Dunayer and Boyer. “Muggy Sunday Afternoon” is special in that there are two versions, one features Kenny Rampton and the second I recut, refined, re-released as a single a few years later when my friend David Sanborn agreed to solo on it.

I love to perform live and have played many venues in the NYC area.  My performances are intimate, as I like to see each person in my audience and speak to the room as a whole. I also like to improvise a lot, during the performances, so Singing with a small band who is listening and following me and one another is my most sincere and passion-infused sound.

Any plans to release a video?

Any plans to hit the road?

I’m on standby by right now, as PUbLIC performances in NYC are, and am working on a new EP of my siren jazz-rock electric sound. Time will tell. . .

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

That’s a great question. I am naturally different as I don’t write to appeal to the pop audience or production. My recordings and style are very unique to me, and I create a vibe and look that is simply natural, beautiful, and sensual. All my music videos are filmed outside in nature, the forest, the ocean, and create a dreamy romantic relationship with the audience and nature~ except “Red Devil Trickery” which was filmed live at The Cutting Room and in Las Vegas, showgirl style. I think people who like my natural look and delivery find that my style song incongruous, and those who listen to the lyrics closely learn a lot about me as a soul, artist, and person.

Who have you been listening to lately?

Lately, this summer especially, I have been listening to Alina Baraz, David Gilmour live, Thievery Corporation, Vanessa Daou, Lana Del Ray, Post Malone, Odesza, Tomee Profit, Alice Coltrane

Who are your biggest influences?

I grew up listening to Billie, Sarah, Ella, Dinah. I moved over to Janis and Plant in high school and then got heavily into live improv jazz in San Fran.

My biggest personal influence as a singer is Mazzy Star/ Hope Sandoval solo

Tell us about your passions

I love that question. People say I do “so many things” but I see them all as stemming from the same passion, simply manifesting through a few different portals. Firstly, I love organic living~ meaning I like to take practice in Artforms that are mind-body spirit based. I don’t like a lot of manufacturing or material product in my realm. Hence, my deepest passion is to express my energy through specific disciplines. I love to hone disciplines and push my boundaries energetically. My chosen disciplines are quite focused: I write and sing poetic, sensual song; I am a psychotherapist, healer, and author of the book “I AM,” where Eastern Spirituality meets Western Brain Science;  I am a National Bikini Athlete with NPC, competing yearly in Top 3; I recently completed a fiction novel titled “Skinless,” being published in the coming year or so by Austin Macaulay, a gritty psychological thriller that takes place at the turn of Millenium in NYC.

My favorite way to stay inspired is through nature, love, and being of service to healing others.

What else is happening next in your world?

I think I answered this above ❤️



Thanks for an awesome interview, Maggie Moor aka Charmay



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