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Dave Thomas - Doomfoxx were instumental in getting the word out for us in new territories. Straight up and easy to deal with, they reached the people that matter!
–Dave Thomas, Doomfoxx


Source: ArtistPR Music Review

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FunNesse G.A.M.E is a hip/hop & R&B songwriter hailing from Houston, Texas. He started writing rhymes and making beats at the age of 13 years old after his mother was diagnosed with Lupus. Although music was his first love, the street life halted him from seeing the type of notary that a person with his type of skill and talent deserved. After a few stints in jail and several near death experiences, he decided to take his talent to the booth and officially make a career out of talent. With influences like Snoop Doug, Tupac, Jay Z, T.I, R.Kelly, Isley Bros, and Marvin Gaye. It’s no wonder why he sounds like a fusion between Trap Music and soulful music that will make any new listener, ask “Who is that?

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